Harwin and Gessner Intersection Reconstruction


The Southwest Houston Redevelopment Authority (SWHRA) TIRZ 20 authorized Cobb, Fendley & Associates to proceed with preliminary design services for the reconstruction of Harwin Drive and Gessner Road signalized intersection and approaches on August 16, 2018. The major objective for this report is to review and evaluate existing right-of-way, visibility triangles, added capacity, traffic signals, [...]

Sidewalk and Lighting Improvements


COMPLETE Phase 1 Social Service Corridor – to serve charter schools and apartments in the area bounded by Bellaire Blvd., Hillcroft, and US 59. Scope: Sidewalk construction/reconstruction and additional lighting and sidewalk ramps along the following streets: Bintlif, Bellaire Blvd. to De Moss Tarnef, Bellaire Blvd. to De Moss [...]