Project Description

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide preliminary results pertaining to the hydraulic impacts from three detention basin options along Brays Bayou. The project site is approximately 13.9 acres and located in the southwest portion of the City of Houston, more specifically due east of Country Creek Dr. and immediately south of and adjacent to Brays Bayou between Beechnut St. and US-50 South. Three options for the use of the property for wet-bottom inline detention are proposed and consist of a traditional maximum-storage basin, a multi-use facility with sports fields, and a more natural basin concept. The impacts of each option on flows and water surface elevations in Brays Bayou for the 100-year and 10-year storm events have been analyzed and the results are summarized below.

Basic Site Information

The proposed basin is to be located across Brays Bayou from the Country Creek Golf Course between Beltway 8 and US-59. The flowline elevation of Brays Bayou adjacent to the property varies from 39.42 feet at Country Creek Dr. to 38.39 at the east end of the property. The total property area is 13.91 acres located entirely within the 100-year floodplain for Brays Bayou. Exhibit 1 shows the property location in relation to the effective FEMA Flood Hazard Zones. Grading and conceptual designs for three detention development options for this property were provided by SWA Architects. Each option includes a wet-bottom pond with a normal pool water surface elevation of 40 feet and a 110-foot trapezoidal spillway weir with a crest elevation of 61 feet.

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